From the first phone call to book in for your new patient exam, to the routine checkups and hygiene or going for treatment, the Fresh Dental Team is always here for you. Now you are probably wondering who these ladies are and what they do?

Well let’s introduce you to Team Fresh

Tanya ( Treatment Co-ordinator)

Greeting you with a big smile when you walk in the door or answering the phone when you call is Tanya. She is always here to answer any questions that you may have or to get you booked in for your appointments. Tanya was born in Saskatoon and raised throughout Saskatchewan. She graduated from Dental Assisting in 2008. After 2 years of working chair-side, Tanya changed her focus to the administration side of the dental office. She has worked with Fresh Dental since 2016, Tanya is a very friendly, energetic and social person who loves helping patients.

Amber (Dental Assistant)

What is a Registered Dental Assistant? This is the smiling girl that comes to get you when you have treatment to be completed by the dentist. That is not all they do though, they are always working in the background. They are performing tasks before and after the dentist meets with the patient as well as assisting the dentist during dental procedures. We have two of these wonderful girls on Team Fresh! Let us introduce you to them.   Amber is Dr. Brian Kilduff’s registered dental assistant. Amber was born in Alberta but grew up in Saskatoon. She graduated from Dental Assisting in 1999 at Wascana Campus in Regina. Patients love Ambers friendly demeanor and she will always go out of the way to provide a pleasant dental experience. Amber has a passion for learning new technology and, therefore her and Dr. Kilduff work wonderfully together. Being the newest member of Team Fresh she fits in perfectly, making the Team Fresh family complete.

Ashley (Dental Assistant)

Ashley is Dr. Aaron Bazylak’s registered dental assistant. She was born in North Battleford and raised on a farm. Ashley graduated in 2003 from Dental Assisting at SIAST Wascana Campus. Ashley enjoys getting to know her patients and understanding their individual needs. The Fresh Dental corporation started in February of 2014 and Ashley has been here since it all began. Ashley is happy to be working alongside Dr. Aaron Bazylak.

Courtney (Office Manager)

The final smile we will introduce you to is Courtney, she is our office manager. She was born in Saskatoon and grew up all over Saskatchewan and in Alberta. She has been in office management for 10 years. You may catch her running around the office helping Team Fresh wherever she can. She is responsible for all the administrative duties in a dental office. Courtney is an active member of the Saskatoon Women’s Network. Courtney feels very lucky to be part of such a strong and progressive dental practice since 2014.