Hygiene Services

At Fresh Dental we take your dental hygiene treatment very seriously. Even though many people think that a dental hygienist is there to give them just a “cleaning” it is so much more than that. Medical research overwhelmingly shows a strong relationship between poor oral health and many major illnesses. Conditions such as diabetes and hypertension all can be shown to have a connection to poor oral health.

From your initial assessment to your continuous follow up dental hygiene treatment, your hygienist is a critical member of your healthcare team. By providing your dental hygiene service your hygienist in Saskatoon is a key component in helping achieve long term overall health.

Each patient will have their initial oral health assessed by their hygienist. At follow up appointments we will examine any areas of concern to make sure we are providing you with thorough hygiene service. The long-term health and function of your teeth and gums are of utmost concern to our staff. Clearly, we take dental hygiene very seriously here in Saskatoon.

On that note, we work really hard and engage in plenty of continuous training to ensure our Hygienists are fully up to date with all the latest education and cleaning techniques. Your unique dental hygiene services are custom made to your specific needs and areas of concern. Our aim is to provide your individual cleaning in a relaxing, stress-free environment. We’ve installed televisions on the ceiling so you can watch your favourite TV show all while the massaging chairs relax your muscles during the appointment. Maybe you could even catch a quick nap!  At Fresh Dental we would be more than happy to help you with your hygiene services and needs in Saskatoon. Call us today to have your initial assessment done with our great hygiene team.