Hygiene Services

Dental Hygiene is more than just a beautiful smile; it is a preventive maintenance therapy to maintain overall oral health. When with one of our registered dental hygienists there is a variety of services provided that is tailored specifically to every patients needs. Please lay back and enjoy the massage chairs while you watch TV in the ceiling!

You treatment will start with an updated medical history with one of our Team Fresh hygienists, they will check up with you on your home care, ask you the tricky questions – like how often do you floss?

Be honest with them, we understand everyone gets busy or forgets but as long as you’re in our chairs we are happy to see that you are taking action and taking care of your oral health. The dental hygienist will help educate you on information related to brushing/flossing, risk of dental decay, smoking cessation, and nutrition information.

Your hygiene treatment then will include (debridement) to remove plaque and calculus from the tooth surfaces. This is done using an ultrasonic instrument (powered instrument) and/or hand instruments. After your teeth will be polished to remove any remaining stains and a fluoride rinse or fluoride varnish treatment to prevent decay, and/or decrease sensitivity and strengthen your teeth.

At Fresh Dental our new patients will often have their first contact with our office in the hygiene department. Dental hygienists are highly trained team members who understand the importance to overall health of maintaining good oral health. There is a clear scientific connection between poor oral health and the prevalence of systemic diseases.  Diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure and most inflammatory illnesses will have a relationship to poor oral hygiene. By providing Dental Hygiene for Saskatoon and area patients we are able to help our patients not only have superior oral health but contribute to their goals of excellent overall health. We provide our hygiene treatment in a caring and comfortable setting utilizing the latest advances in hygiene treatment and care. At Fresh Dental Hygiene in Saskatoon we provide our treatment in a safe environment following the most up to date infection control guidelines. Our main concern is for the comfort and safety of our patients.

Our hygienists will help our doctors set up an appropriate time frame and treatment plan for your hygiene maintenance. Not all patients are the same and many people do not fall into the ‘twice a year ‘ category. Based upon our initial assessment of your oral conditions we will customize a treatment plan for you so that we can help our patients achieve the excellent oral health they are looking for.  Over the many years of providing Dental Hygiene for Saskatoon we have helped thousands of patients raise their level of oral and systemic health so that they are maintaining their natural teeth for life.

Following routine and extensive dental treatment to repair previous damage dental hygiene plays a crucial role in long term outcomes. Dental Hygiene in Saskatoon our hygienists ensure that your investment in restoring your mouths is taken care of and maintained. Just like all other areas in our life we must maintain or breakdown will occur. By following a custom treatment plan set up by our caring hygienists we will be able to help you preserve your new and existing restorations and overall oral health.

Feel free to contact us at Fresh Dental Hygiene for Saskatoon and area to discuss your dental and hygiene needs. Our gentle and caring hygienists would be happy to see you and help you achieve optimal oral hygiene.