Laser Dentistry

Did you know that Laser technology has been used for dentistry for over 30 years? What’s fascinating is that the increase in advancements of laser technology have allowed dentists to incorporate this flexible tool into more and more of their everyday procedures.

Many modern lasers are able to be used to treat small cavities without the need for local anesthetic. Patients who are anxious about needles can often benefit from the non-invasive treatment provided by lasers. There are limits to the size and depth of dental cavities, we would be happy to let you know if laser treatment is an option for you.

The greatest advancement with lasers is their ability to be used to treat soft tissue conditions. By using a laser, the dentist has the ability to avoid using scalpels and sutures to treat many soft tissue gum defects. Patients that have unhealthy gums around natural teeth and implants can often benefit from the use of laser treatment. Lasers can be used to decrease the bacteria found in the gum pockets around teeth and implants and in doing so increase overall health of these tissues. This increases the potential lifespan of teeth and implants that may have had to previously been removed.

Our patients that suffer from annoying cold sores have been happy to find out these can be treated with dental laser too. As soon as the area starts tingling, even before the cold sore shows up, is the best time for treatment with the laser. By using the laser on these early stage cold sores the healing time is greatly reduced. Patients can be relieved knowing they do not have to wait weeks for the lesion to clear up. We are proud to offer laser dentistry in Saskatoon so you don’t have to travel far for this convenient service.

We offer Tongue and Lip Releases

One of the most satisfying procedures we can do with the dental laser is the treatment of tongue and lip ties on infants. The presence of a lip and or tongue tie can be very frustrating for both infants and mothers. The inability for an infant to properly latch during nursing can lead to poor sleep, improper weight gain and overall lack of development. The use of a laser is a very conservative manner in which to treat these conditions without the need for scalpels, scissors or stitches. Infants from 0-6 months old are easily treated in our office. If you suspect your child had a lip or tongue tie, feel free to contact Fresh Dental for an assessment. We can let you know if the dental laser treatment is suitable for your child.