Dr. Aaron Bazylak

Aaron is very proud to be practicing family dentistry in his hometown of Saskatoon at Fresh Dental. Becoming a family dentist has been a lifelong dream of his and this long educational journey began at St. Edward’s elementary school and E.D.Feehan High School in Saskatoon, SK. A solid foundation in the sciences and a keen interest in health care propelled him into his first year of Arts and Sciences at the University of Saskatchewan. After completing the minimum of two years of intense pre-dentistry studies, Aaron’s goal of being accepted into dental college in his very own home town of Saskatoon was realized. Aaron not only graduated as the youngest in his class of 2003 but was also the Gold Medal recipient which is an honour given to the one graduate which had the highest overall clinical and academic standing over all four years of dental college. Aaron immediately began his dentistry career in Saskatoon and established his practice over the next 12 years. He then moved to Edmonton, AB for two years to follow an exciting professional and educational opportunity. In the summer of 2017 Aaron returned permanently to Saskatoon and continued his family dental practice now as a co- owner of Fresh Dental with Dr. Brian Kilduff.
Beginning in 2019, Dr. Bazylak is proud to be a member of Council within The College of Dental Surgeons Of Saskatchewan after being nominated and elected by his dental peers. To learn more about Dr. Bazylak please click on the following link and visit him at: