Dr. Aaron Bazylak

Aaron was born in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan where he attended elementary and high school which developed his keen interest in science and healthcare. He then entered the University of Saskatchewan in the fall of 1997 with aspirations of becoming a dentist. The long journey began with the rigorous pre-dentistry studies in the College of Arts and Science where he consistently placed among the top of his classes especially in the disciplines of chemistry, biology, and physics. This enabled him to be eligible to apply to the College of Dentistry in the minimum of two years of study. After the extensive interview process and the intense dental aptitude testing, he was accepted into the College of Dentistry at the University of Saskatchewan in 1999 to begin the journey to realizing his lifelong goal of becoming a family dentist.

Aaron graduated with Great Distinction as the Gold Medal recipient from the College of Dentistry with the highest overall academic and clinical standing in 2003. This propelled him to the year’s only winner of the esteemed Alpha Omega award. He was also the youngest graduate that year. Soon after graduation, he began his professional career in Saskatoon joining a busy downtown dental practice. This is where over the nearly 12 years he has been active and busy in all aspects of family and emergency dentistry with a special personal affinity for root canal therapy and cosmetic rehabilitation.  Aaron further pursued his experience and education in Edmonton, Alberta. It was here where he joined the dental practice of a longtime friend and dental school colleague. He enrolled in an extensive training program at the University of Alberta studying the dental and cosmetic applications of neuromodulators (Botox). Over the course of two years, he practiced all aspects of general family dentistry plus the new exciting Botox applications.  In Alberta, dentists can become trained in Botox therapy, but unfortunately, this not currently recognized in Saskatchewan.

Dentistry is the main focus for Aaron but when he is away from the office his outside interests are varied. Since his childhood, Aaron has been an avid guitar player. This is his main passion outside of dentistry. He has honed his musicianship over the years and has been very active across Saskatchewan as the lead guitar player of a very successful rock band. His band has played most of the popular venues and events in and around Saskatoon even playing the support role opening for legendary musician Bryan Adams and the critically acclaimed Canadian rockers Our Lady Peace. Beyond the rock arena, Aaron is an active scuba diver. He has been on numerous trips throughout the Caribbean exploring the depths and enjoying the tranquility of the ocean wildlife and reef systems.

Aaron is extremely proud to be back permanently in his hometown of Saskatoon at Fresh Dental.