Family Dentist Saskatoon

Family Dentist Saskatoon

When you are in need of dental care you want to choose an experienced family dentist in Saskatoon that will provide all of the treatments you may require. From preventative care to restorative dentistry and cosmetic procedures, we quickly and efficiently handle all of your family’s dental needs.

We have a team of highly trained and skilled professionals to provide you with effective and reliable dental care. We work hard to make sure that your experience is a good one, regardless of what treatment you require.

High Quality, Dependable Dental Services

At Fresh Dental Care we provide a wide range of services to our clients. These services include restorative, extractions, root canal therapy, laser dentistry, implant placement and restoration, sports and night guards, whitening and hygiene therapy.

As a family dentist in Saskatoon we are able to offer these services to all members of your family. Our team is dedicated to providing you with the best possible results. Restorative dentistry includes a variety of procedures such as fillings, crowns, bridges, porcelain inlays/onlays, veneers and full mouth reconstruction.

In cases where the tooth is decayed to the root, root canal therapy is indicated. Our family dentist in Saskatoon offers complete root canal treatments that remove the root and then restore the tooth. Implants are a wonderful alternative to dentures. We can provide one, several or an entire mouth of implants if needed.

Implants are a permanent option after the removal of a tooth. In some cases you may be able to have implants that will hold partial dentures in place. There are many different ways that implants can be used to create a beautiful and durable smile. They are permanent fixtures in your mouth that look and act just like natural teeth.

Leading Family Dentist in Saskatoon

It is best to choose a family dentist in Saskatoon that provides all of the services that you may need. Don’t wait until you are having a dental emergency to find a dentist. Instead, schedule an appointment with a dentist for preventative care. You should have a dental exam every six months to identify any damage and keep it from worsening.

Regular exams may also include x-rays. Having a set of x-rays on file helps the dentist make a comparison later if you require dental treatment. Regular dental cleanings will keep your teeth white and will help to eliminate the buildup of plaque and tarter that can be stuck between teeth. Bring your entire family to the dentist for periodic checkups. The dentist will be familiar with your teeth so that when a cavity or other problem occurs he will be able to repair it immediately. All of the records are kept on file so your information will be available instantly.

Most importantly, you want to have a dependable and knowledgeable dentist that you can call for questions or for an emergency. Our dental professionals will make your dental visit as pleasurable and stress-free as possible. Contact our office today to schedule an appointment for you and your family members.   



Family Dentist Saskatoon
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